"Let's build something meaningful and enduring".

My Bio

Hi my name is Ernest Yap. I am a husband and father.

I studied geomatics engineering at University of Calgary. After graduating, I got a great job travelling around the world, and really learning how to empathize with customers and honing sales skills. I feel that travel really opens the mind when you get to talk to different people and understand why they do what they do. My wife and I were fortunate to be able to travel often; now, we try to bring our children as much as we can.

Tiring of nine years of business travel and wanting to start a family, circumstances gave me an opportunity to start my first tech company, and I dove right in. This led to starting more companies and building a variety of software products across different industries.

Wow, what a rollercoaster and an acceleration of learning!

It's one thing to learn concepts in a school, but it's a totally different level when you're learning by doing and yours and your team's financial situation depends on it. Recently, I made a list of my key learnings, and even though I learned a lot in my nine year sales career, my list is more than three-times longer in my years of entrepreneurship. I feel I learnt a lot in regards to leadership of people and product management. How do you put all that on a resume? you really can't on two pages.

Even though I talk a lot about entrepreneurship, it doesn't mean I'm against big companies. In fact, I think the best companies foster intrapreneurship and teach people how to think big and grow. I worked for one of the biggest, and working there taught me how to scale teams. For me, I'm bought in if I believe in an organization's big transformative purpose.

Regardless, I love to learn, and I love to teach what I've learned so that other people can accelerate their own journeys. I've put together My Playbook, which you can access at Also, My Playbook serves as a guide to what I expect from my teams. After all, the best leaders train their own teams on their expectations.

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Quick Timeline

2005 - Started my career as a customer support engineer for Applanix Corporation, a Trimble subsidiary. Travelled the world installing airborne camera systems and training.

2006 - Survived a plane crash in Kentucky during a systems verification flight.

2007 - Became a regional account manager for North and Latin America.

2012 - Became a worldwide account manager.

2014 - Began entrepreneurial journey. Completed the Founder Institute tech accelerator program.

2014 - Officially co-founded Shapetrace Inc with Julien Li-Chee Ming to prevent constructions errors using augmented reality.

2017 - Founded Shapetrace mobile and web agency.

2018 - Founded Covarian for tech consulting.

2019 - Amazing contract opportunity to design and manage a large team, to develop a credit card underwriting system for TD Bank, one of the world's largest banks.

2020 - Stepped into the world of insurance using machine learning NLP for risk engineering documents.

2021 - Moved to Taipei, Taiwan to learn and write Mandarin Chinese.

2021- Stepped into the world of clean energy and carbon markets! Joined the founding team of Rewatt Power leading product management and product development.


Many years ago, I met a friend at work who really opened my eyes to the world around me. his name was Adam Evans. I thought I was more inquisitive than most; he was on a far higher level, and his enthusiasm for the world and people was remarkably infectious. Adam was one of those incredibly rare people who gave you energy when you conversed, and you just wanted to be around them. I've only met one or two people like this, and I've met a lot of people.

Adam's life motto was Omnia miranda est, which translates into "everything must be admired/wondered at".

He's tragically not here anymore, but I intend to honour his impact by trying to live with his mindset and his enthusiasm for this universe. Hopefully, I can try to inspire people like he inspired me.

Adam, you're among the stars now.

Omnia miranda est.