Credit Card Underwriting System

I was provided an amazing opportunity to lead a large team to rebuild TD's credit card approval system from scratch. I was not going to miss this rare intrapreneurship chance. TD Bank is one of the world's biggest banks.

Why? Without this critical rebuild, the MasterCard credit card division would not be able to add new customers. This system could be used as the foundation for any lending product such as VISA credit cards, insurance, mortgages, etc...

This is what we set out to achieve:

  • Automated web service to approve or declines 500,000+ credit card applications annually with the ability to support a 20% growth rate.

  • New call centre web app for credit, fraud and customer support agents to address border cases and support calls.

I led a 10+ person development team for the call centre web app, became its main UX/UI designer, and gathered requirements by pushing hard for regular customer feedback.

It was an awesome experience to do release planning for multiple teams, executing on the plan, and scaling a software team from 4 to 20+ people on such a key system.

Photo: Design thinking and customer co-creation with MBNA team in Ottawa. Unfortunately, I'm the guy in the blazer with his back is to the camera next to the sticky notes.


Adobe XD was my choice tool for creating UXUI prototypes to gather customer feedback.

I used Cardboard for story mapping, Confluence for information architecture and data mapping, and JIRA for managing Scrum Agile development.