Mobile Gaming and Wearables

Between Dec 2017 and Dec 2019, I founded Shapetrace Agency, which was a mobile app & web development firm. Here are some of the highlights in gaming and wearable projects that we built for some customers.

Nutu's Kinetic Corps Wearable Fitness Game

Kinetic Corps. is an exciting player vs. player action-fighting game that user your steps and active minutes in the real world to power your avatar in the game world. Kinetic Corps. pairs to your Bluetooth-enabled Fitbit/smartwatch activity tracker.

Team was contracted to complete the 3D modelling and animation, motion capture, mobile and backend development, and project management by Rockets to the Moon Inc., 2018.

Using AR Glasses and Devices

Our team tested 3D glasses and AR/VR devices as part of our construction AR startup and for our immersive experience contracts.